Get the KABE-Farben App:

The KABE-Farben App for iPhone, iPad und Android (coming soon) offers you an easy way of colouring with the hues of FARBwerk, TRENDline, NCS®© Index and RAL CLASSIC Colors. This allows you to insert 2500 different hues into a digital foto (buildings, objects, clothes, etc.) and to send the visualized project with all the relevant data by mail.

KABE-Farben - Colorix Sàrl KABE-Farben - Colorix Sàrl

Option: ColorCatch

Furthermore the KABE-Farben application for iPhone/iPad/Android functions with the ColorCatch 3. ColorCatch 3 is the first colorimeter which measures and transmits via Bluetooth® the true colour directly to an iPod touch, an iPhone or an iPad.