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Industrial coating lacquers from KARL BUBENHOFER AG meet the highest demands

Specially developed priming coats and system coating layers provide metallic bases with long-lasting protection against corrosion, even under extreme conditions, such as in industrial atmosphere or close to the sea.

A wide range of coating lacquers means that there are no limits to the colors and decorative designs that can be applied to surfaces.

With the correct choice of system coating layers, coated objects are effectively protected against chemical and climatic effects.

We offer a broad portfolio for rational coating of plastics. New coating lacquers are continuously being developed to meet customer requirements. The extensive range is complemented by system solutions for industrial window production, and store and trade fair construction.

Water-soluble coating lacquers have been a major component in our product range for many years now, and are also continuing to be developed further. The economic, proven SOLOCRYL window coating system is an example of this consistent approach. Our water soluble lacquers with the names HYDROVERN, ECOVERN and ECODUR are popular in metalworking industry.