Long-life guarantee and architectural aesthetics

Karl Bubenhofer AG has the right facade powder coating solution for every style and concept. The great diversity of colour hues and surfaces of our facade systems gives architects virtually unlimited freedom of design.

POLYFLEX® GSB and Qualicoat product range - assured quality!

Brochure POLYFLEX® GSB and Qualicoat product range

POLYFLEX® Powder Coatings - PES-135

Powder coating for demanding facades and exterior applications subject to weather.

Brochure POLYFLEX® - PES-135

POLYFLEX® Powder Coatings - PES-140-SD

The highly weather-resistant powder coating for the highest requirements in the area of facades.

Brochure POLYFLEX® - PES-140-SD

POLYFLEX® Powder Coatings - PES-165-NT

You benefit in different ways from the low-temperature powder coating.

Brochure POLYFLEX® - PES-165-NT

POLYFLEX® Powder Coatings - PES-150 3D-Effect

Now, PES-150 3D Effect powder paint has a new quality: tridimensional appearance.

Brochure POLYFLEX® - PES-150 3D-Effect