Maximum performance with minimum material consumption.

UDS powder coatings provide a perfect finish with an ultra-thin coating layer that dramatically reduces powder consumption.


Ultra-Thin Powder Coatings (UDS) - Your benefits!

Cost savings

A film thickness of 25 μm and above (depending on the colour) results in cost savings in the double-figure percentage range.

Excellent flow characteristics

Flow characteristics comparable with those of liquid coatings - in all degrees of gloss and in all colours.

No edge build-up

Irregularities in application have much less influence on the film thickness. Reduced edge build-up ensures that tight-fitting components can be assembled with high accuracy.

No changes in application

Retraining requires time, effort and cost. This is not necessary, as UDS is applied like a conventional powder coating.


Read mor in our UDS brochure: KABE UDS Ultra Thin Powder Coatings brochure

Process guidlines for UDS powder coatings UDS Pulver: VR002 UDS powder coatings


Our list of UDS references provides information about reputable companies that are already enjoying the benefits of UDS. Please contact us for further details!


Have a look at the Video about ultra-thin powder coatings at Derby Cycle (bicycle manufacturer):