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People have been making use of wood for centuries for a wide varitety of purposes. Trees are among the plants that we have used for the longest period in our history. KABE offers a selection of industrial and powder coatings that are ideal for applying to MDF, solid wood and veneered finishes.

Our SOLOCRYL window paint system has resolved many of the problems commonly encountered when painting wooden windows. Manufacturers of wooden and wooden/metal windows who use our innovative paint system can benefit from the advantages it offers when compared with conventional products:

  • The paints successfully prevent substances in the wood from bleeding through, as a result of the excellent insulation provided by the primer.
  • The products comply with the EN 927 standard with regard to water penetration and weather resistance. They also pass the pull-off test based on EN ISO 4624 and a hailstone test that is not included in the standard.
  • The product range named “Reactive” offers various powder coatings to MDF and solid wood.

KABE offers a variety of primers, top coats and varnishes with excellent properties. All our products are developed and manufactured in Switzerland.

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