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There are no limits to creativity. In line with this principle, our specialists are always happy to take on unusual projects. One example involved creating new paints using spices to convey the feel of an entire culture.

The Lucerne-based architect Niklaus Graber returned from Bangladesh with some small sample packs of spices. These were to be used to create paints for the BENGAL STREAM exhibition at the famous Swiss Architecture Museum S AM. The members of the team at KARL BUBENHOFER AG were immediately interested when they were asked to become involved in creating the colours for the interior design.

Working with the spices brought our architectural consultant's thoughts to Bangladesh: bustling cities, bright colours and interesting scents and smells. All of these things were incorporated into the new paints that he developed on the basis of the spices. “Creating a new colour requires similar processes as cooking. You mix the basic substance with other ingredients and then refine and carefully season the results.” From this perspective, spices and paints have a lot in common.


Creating a new colour requires similar processes as cooking.

Niklaus Graber, architect

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