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Powder coatings certificates



Certified POLYFLEX® powder coatings

GSB - GSB International e.V
GSB International is an international quality association for surface finishes applied to aluminium, steel and their alloys for architectural use. It is constantly developing its quality standards.


QUALICOAT - Qualicoat
QUALICOAT is a global quality label organisation which is committed to maintaining and improving the quality of coatings used in the field of architecture.


QUALISTEELCOAT - Qualisteelcoat
QUALISTEELCOAT is a quality label organisation that is dedicated to maintaining and promoting the quality of paints and coatings on steel.


QIB - Qualitätsgemeinschaft Industriebeschichtung e.V. (QIB)
QIB is a voluntary association made up of industrial coating companies with high standards of quality. The member organisations guarantee the consistently high quality of their work by meeting the requirements of the organisation’s regulations and documenting the results. An independent test body evaluates their compliance with the regulations every year.


DBS - Deutsche Bahn Standard 918 340
The POLYFLEX® powder coatings manufactured by KABE have been approved to DBS (Deutsche Bahn Standard) 918 340 and have also passed all the necessary fire tests and approvals. The powder coatings are suitable for interior and exterior use, have a long service life and are highly resistant to a range of different environmental influences.


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