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Rail vehicles & transport

Rail transport is an essential part of our globalised world. Trams and trains transport people as well as goods from A to B day-in and day-out. But it is not only the rail vehicles themselves which have to operate effectively in challenging environments. The coatings that are used must also meet strict standards to ensure the highest possible levels of safety.

POLYFLEX® powder coatings manufactured by KABE have been tested in accordance with the latest German railway standards DBS 918 340 and have undergone all the necessary fire assessments and approvals. The coatings are suitable for use in both the interior and exterior of the vehicles. They are extremely durable and highly resistant to a range of environmental influences. In addition, some of them have excellent anti-graffiti properties.

As a system supplier of industrial and powder coatings, we provide our customers with products that meet the high standards they expect from premium-quality coatings.

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